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WSHSB Patriot Marching Band

For marching, the WSHSB is also known as "The Patriots." Patriots attend marching camp in June and average five parades in the summer.

WSHSB Winter Concert

With two concerts per year, our winter concert is usually held at the end of January. Concerts are FREE admission with open seating. Check our Music Resource page to listen to past concerts.

WSHSB Patriot Marching Band

Marching trimester is voluntary and open to current WSHSB members and NON-members. This includes experienced musicians who are welcome to join us for the summer marching trimester. For more details see our Summer Marching page.

WSHSB Spring Concert

Our second concert of the year is generally held mid to late May. Come hear our Junior, Senior, and Symphonic bands separately and combined.

West Suburban Home School Band

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The West Suburban Home School Band, or WSHSB in short, follows the model of a community band and includes all wind instruments, woodwinds and brass, as well as a full percussion section. There are no stringed instruments ...more

WSHSB Member's News

Member's News has the link to the weekly Rehearsal Notes PDF and for quick reference, Important Dates and Deadlines and the Sectional Chart are included. Download  the weekly Rehearsal Notes for the week's practice assignments and more.



To join the WSHSB a student must be home schooled. Those interested in joining the WSHSB, at any level but Cadet, must submit an audition video. Recommended minimum age for any level is nine. There are four skill levels to consider...more

Forms & Documents

General Information

2022-2023 Handbook
The Handbook Agreement is now part of the registration form.

Link to WSHSB Calendar page

Music - Instrument - Repair Stores

Private Music Instructor list sent in an email to all families on 10/04/19.

Music Return Forms              

2023 Winter Return Junior

2023 Winter Return Senior

2023 Winter Return Symphonic

2023 Winter Return Christmas & Minutemen

Concert and Parade Information

                       Watch this space for Spring Concert info
Concert Tickets and Fliers -              

No tickets and flyers at this time

Tickets are not necessary for attendance

Summer Marching -
             2022 Summer Marching Information
                            (Includes all parade dates)       
WSHSB Dress Codes
WSHSB Dress Codes Revised 07/13/21
Includes Overview and Codes for practices, dress rehearsals/concerts and Summer Marching

Well-Wisher Form
                 No Well-Wisher at this time

Registration and Rental Forms
2022-2023 WSHSB Tuition Fee Schedule

Instrument Rental Agreement
The Rental Agreement form is now fillable using your computer. Read under the registration form as to why this is the
preferred method.
If you currently have a band-owned instrument and want to continue renting it for the winter trimester, the fee for trimester instrument rental is $40. The forms and fees need to be included with your registration. ADULT HELPERS MUST ALSO COMPLETE A RENTAL FORM EACH TRIMESTER IF USING A WSHSB OWNED INSTRUMENT.

2022-2023 Spring Trimester Registration Form
The link above is to a fillable PDF form. You may type in the information on the computer (much preferred for clarity), and then print it and sign where necessary. Less desirable is to print it out and fill it in by hand. Either way, mail it to the director or return it at band. DO NOT scan it and/or email it to the director.

                        Submit any rental form(s) and fee(s) along with your registration.

Once the registration form is posted you can complete most of the information. However, you need to wait for Booster jobs to be posted on November 21 at 7pm to complete that section of the form.
ATTENTION ADULT HELPERS - All adult helpers should complete and submit a registration form. Also, if you have a band-loaned instrument you must complete a rental form for your (free) loaner.

You must do the following before completing your registration form.

See our Booster Page for all Job Descriptions and the link to the WSHSB Online Sign-Up Schedule.
FOR CONCERT TRIMESTERS - One parent must volunteer for at least
4 Booster positions/slots per trimester in which their student(s) is/are participating.
FOR THE SUMMER MARCHING TRIMESTER - One parent must volunteer for at least
2 Booster positions/slots for the marching trimester in which their student(s) is/are participating.
Jobs are first come first served. You must do BOTH point A and B.
          A. Enter your name on the WSHSB Online Sign-up Schedule for the job(s)
              you are committing to do.
          B. In the Booster section of the Registration form you will need to initial that online
              sign-up has been completed.
              NOTE: Filling-in a job on the registration form without signing-up online IS NOT SUFFICIENT.
sign-up is MANDATORY. The form merely echoes what you signed-up for online but
              does not fulfill the online sign-up requirement. Jobs remain open until online sign-up is

Practice Report
Note: Adult helpers do not need to complete/return practice reports, students only.
WSHSB Practice Report

Rehearsal Notes
Rehearsal Notes Archive

Music Resources
Link to our Music Resources page

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